Elliewood Gallery

The Arctic art collections on Elliewood are open all year and visitors are always welcome… let us know so the front door will be open!

Our loft is a colorful retreat by the campus near the Rotunda, on a street of coffee houses and restaurants.  Find the brick building at the end of Elliewood and browse with your coffee, tea or lunch!

Our visitors range from UVA students, staff, and faculty to Charlottesville families and foreign guests.

The main collections are available for educational programs and museum events.  Other pieces of art can be acquired privately when available through a special entity at the Elliewood office called  Arctic Inuit Art.

Parents are welcome to bring younger students to imagine the Arctic through sculptures, tapestries and prints, some of which have been exhibited worldwide.


Contact Judith Varney Burch for more information:

Judith Varney Burch @ gmail . com

(434) 284-1884